Uladzіmіr Halіp: Iryna looks tired but not broken

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Employees of the KGB detention centre have refused to accept Uladzimir Halip’s parcel with living essentials for his daughter Iryna. However, the investigator of her case gave permission to do it yesterday, said Mr. Uladzimir to Euroradio. By the way, the KGD admission department confessed to Iryna’s father that she was there only after a conversation with the investigator. 

Uladzіmіr Halіp: “It turned out that she was in KGB after my insistence on communication with her investigator and after he had talked to the person on duty. I was allowed to bring a parcel to her. I brought warm clothes because the lawyer said it was very cold in the cell and that she lacked personal care items – she did not even have a toothbrush. We went there today. A very strange “cordon” met us and said that it was impossible to accept any parcels for Iryna because she had the status of a detained. It will be possible to bring parcels for her when she turns arrested”.  

According to Uladzimir Halip, he was not allowed to meet his daughter but the lawyer was present at the yesterday’s interrogation. The father of the detained says that, according to him, Iryna looked tired but not broken.