Brest observers to use binoculars to watch voting

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Observers have decided to use binoculars and spy-glasses to watch the early voting in election centre #98 in Brest.

The place allocated to observers is about 8 metres away from the table where voting papers are given out and the ballot-box is installed. It does not allow observers to watch the way ballot papers are presented to electors and to see what is happening near the tables of the election committee members.

According to one of the observers Dzyanis Turchanyak, they have managed to persuade the head of the election commission to place the observers’ tables three meters closer, however, it has not affected the situation much, says Turchanyak. The observer does not think that the situation and the necessity of using binoculars is normal, however, they have not managed to get an opportunity to watch the work of the committee members at a closer distance yet, informs  the human rights centre “Viasna”.