Ballot boxes not properly sealed, report observers across Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A number of independent observers report election violations across the country, when ballot boxes are not properly sealed by the local election officials.

Mahiliou observer Natallia Samakhvalava argues the seal of the ballot box at polling station # 66 has been removed during the night, which was registered by the local election commission chair. Apart from that, the observers have reportedly been driven from the premises, denying any access to information on the voting procedures.

OSCE observers witnessed similar violations in the town of Lunna, Hrodna region, when the seal of the ballot box had evidently been damaged. The violation is going to be appealed by Liavon Karpovich, member of election commission # 19.

Baranavichy observers say the ballot box at local polling station # 54 is not properly sealed. As a result, the cover of the box can easily be lifted (see photo).

‘Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections’