The seal on the ballot box has moved suddenly

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Human rights defenders do not exclude, that the ballot box has been disclosed.

In Brest secondary school No.30 there are two polling stations – No.111 and 113. According to the words of the observer Andrey Maher, who was present at the sealing of the ballot boxes for early voting on both polling stations, it was noted by him two days later that on the ballot box installed on the polling station No.111, the seal and the paper with the signatures of the election commission members are situated in another place than in the first day of the early voting. It should be noted that previously the observer has taken a picture of the position of the paper with the signatures and of the seal, so he has what to compare with, “Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections” report.

Andrey Maher doesn’t exclude that the ballot box has been disclosed, though the head of the commission of this polling station tried to persuade the observer that seals are situated on the very same place and the observer is simply mistaken. Nevertheless, Maher, after consultation with the lawyers, has prepared in written form the acts of election legislation violation and sent them to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Central Election Commission.