Observers claim they caught their former teachers in gerrymander

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Observers registered the fact when one elector voted twice in Slutsk  election centre #12 on December 15.

Dzyanis Balakir, an observer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, and Yuliya Balakir, an observer representing a group of citizens, work in election center #12 situated in Slutsk school #8 where they used to study.

According to Dzyanis Balakir, a school teacher Iryna Yanholenka received a voting paper and voted twice. The observers drew up a report and sent the act of the violation to the head of the committee Tatstsyana Trusava, said Dzyanis Balakir. The secretary of the committee Veranika Vidzenina refused to sign it.

A member of the election committee Svyatlana Shumitskaya approached Dzyanis Balakir when he was leaving the school and promised to complain about his actions to certain authorities.

Furthermore, the observers noticed that the number of people who voted on December 15 did not match the number registered by the election committee. The observers counted 87 people and the committee – 95, reports  a human rights centre “Vyasna”.

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