Polatsk: soldiers come to early voting in columns

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Facts of pressurization of voters during the first day of the early voting were registered in Polatsk.

In particular, some individual entrepreneurs were visited by officers of the tax inspection who insistently recommended them to vote earl, threatening with possible check-ups otherwise.

The soldiers of unit No. 49510 voted early during the first day of early voting. They came there under the command of the deputy commander on ideological work.

the administration of state enterprises and institutions have to report about the number of the people who vote early everyday. Furthermore, insistent ‘recommendations’ to vote early are combined with wishes to think well over the choice and to make it with the responsibility.

And workers of the Polatsk military enlistment office were sent one hour earlier from work on Tuesday, certainly, under the condition that they vote this very day.

Officers of the Polatsk Town Military Enlistment Office were freed from work one hour earlier than usual with the condition that they would vote early.

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