Young Front tells Makei to lay down weapons

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Young Front

Young Front

Three activists of the Young Front were detained by the police for picketing the Presidential Administration on 15 December. According to one of the detainees, they held the action in connection with the recent statements of the head of the Presidential Administration, Uladzimir Makei, that the opposition was preparing terrorist acts with explosives for 19 December.

The Young Front activists were standing in front of the Administration holding posters which said ‘Makei, lay down weapons!’ and ‘Sania, leave in peace! (addressed to Lukashenka). They also wanted to pass the appeals to the Administration, but the special services prevented them from doing this. 

The head of the President's Administration Uladzimir Makei said in his speech there would be an explosion or even a terrorist act on 19 December. We came out with peaceful demands. We also had appeals which we wanted to pass to the administration. However, as soon as we approached the building and unfolded our posters, the special service men in plain clothes burst at us, seized the posters and a photo camera and took us to the police department. We had to give explanations and then were let go,’ said one of the picketers.

Let us remind you that Uladzimir Makey made the following statement in the interview to the RTR-Belarus TV Channel on 11 December: ‘It is obvious they don't plan to conduct a peaceful event. They are preparing guerilla groups, pyrotechnics and even explosives.’