Valiantsina Sviatskaya still hasn’t received an answer on merits of her complaint

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 30 November observer Sviatskaya addressed the General Procuracy with an appeal concerning violations of provisions of the Electoral Code and other laws by a member of the Maskouski District Election Commission of Minsk A.Kudziarmayeu.

The procuracy forwarded the appeal to the Minsk City Election Commission. ‘According to my information, the commission received my appeal on 7 December. However, it was officially registered on 10 December. When I asked its chairperson when they would consider it, he answered that it would happen only on 14 December – the first day of early voting,’ says V.Sviatskaya.

The observer is convinced that it is not an occasion. ‘I understand that they are doing this to procrastinate the time and let Mr. Kudziarmayeu continue doing what he has started during the training seminar for heads of the precinct commissions. Even if the city commission makes any remarks, it will be done post factum.’

Valiantsina says she is not satisfied with the answer of the head of the Minsk City Election Commisison, Mr. Karpenka. That’s why she addressed the General Procuracy again on 11 December, in order to inform that she still hasn’t received an answer on the merits of the previous appeal and ask the procuracy to take the adequate measures of reaction in line with the Law On Applications of Citizens.

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