Mother of many children has been hunger-striking for five days already

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A mother of five children from Mahiliou Natallia Shkadun has been hunger-striking for 5 days already, striving for improvement of the living conditions for her family.

As Natallia Shkadun states, during this hunger-strike she hasn’t been directly contacted by the authorities. The leadership of the medical institution where she works persuades her to stop the hunger-strike as it threatens her health.

’As far as I know, yesterday there was a call from the Mahiliou Region Executive Committee to ask whether I was at work. Today, I hope, I’ll have enough strength to work. I have a confining job, so I will manage, although I feel a great weakness. My heart is beating very much… My family tries to take upon themselves my usual household duties. They help me much with this,’ the woman says.

Yesterday she told the electioneering agent of Aliaksandr Lukashenka Valery Sharshunou about her housing problems agent of Lukashenka.

‘He hasn’t even written anything, he didn’t want to listen to anything at all. At once he sent me to the public receiving office of Lukashenka. He didn’t care at all about my problems. I can’t understand what such election agents are needed for,’ Natallia Shkadun says.

She states that she will continue the hunger-strike until her housing problems are solved. Psychologically she is prepared for that. As to the state of health – she has hypotension that lowers the endurance during the hunger-strike.

Natallia Shkadun is 51. She has a higher education and is a honorable donor. She has five children. Four of them are under age. The family does without social assistance. There are nine people living in a three-room flat of 63 square meters.