Salihorsk: haunting of activists of Niakliayeu’s campaign

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Salihorsk activists of Niakliayeu’s team complain about obstacles from the side of the law-enforcement agencies and administrations of the state enterprises.

In the morning of 9 December Sviatlana Kirylenka handed out brochures with the candidate’s program at the bus stop of ore bureau #2 of the open stock company Belaruskalii. She was approached by a guard who didn’t introduce himself and told her to go away.

’I told him that I wasn’t on the territory of the enterprise and wasn’t doing anything unlawful. I also asked him to introduce himself. The guard ignored my words, seized me by clothes and started pulling me towards the building of the custodial service. Fortunately, a bus arrived and people started coming out of it. The guard released my clothes and went away,’ said Alena. ‘However, in five minutes two guards returned. They stated that they had an oral order from the district executive committee banning the distribution of electoral information near the enterprise. They started insulting me. They behaved rudely and tried to pull me into the building of the custodial service once again. In five minutes their boss arrived and told them to leave me alone.’

The same morning, a similar incident happened at a car parking near the territory of ore bureau #2 of Belaruskalii, where Natallia Kuchynskaya and Andrei Tychyna left electoral leaflets on the windshields of the cars.

’A man came there. He started waving his hands. He tried to detain us, said that he was the head of the ore bureau. Then he said he would remove the wiper blades from his car and tell the police that they were stolen by us. Then there came the deputy chairperson on ideology. He held in his hands the electoral poster of Mr. Niakliayeu which we had put at the check-point the day before on his consent. The ideologist stated he would file a complaint with the election commission concerning the unlawful placement of the poster on the territory of the enterprise,’ said Andrei Tychyna.

In the evening the activist was also detained by the police and guarded to the police station while placing agitation materials at a bus stop. Andrei was detained for about 40 minutes and was released after giving written explanations.

The Salihorsk headquarters of Niakliayeu’s team has addressed the Salihorsk District Election Commission with the demand to inform the enterprises and organizations of Salihorsk (and Belaruskalii first of all) about the inadmissibility of such behavior of their employees.

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