Candidate Ramanchuk demands investigation concerning Makei’s statements

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The presidential candidate Yaraslau Ramanchuk has applied to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anatol Kuliashou, the KGB head Vadzim Zaitsau and the General Public Prosecutor Ryhor Vasilevich with a claim concerning the statements of the head of the Presidential Administration, Uladzimir Makei in his interview to RTR-Belarus TV-channel.

In this interview Mr. Makei accused the opposition of preparing provocations, including those with explosives, for the action the Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk to which they actively invited Belarusian citizens. Mr. Ramanchuk demands to conduct investigation with regard to Makey's statements, and if the people who are going to make provocations using explosives really exist, they should be arrested, go through investigation and be punished for preparation of a terrorist act, thinks the presidential candidate. If there are no such people, the General Public Prosecutor Ryhor Vasilevich should bring the head of the President's Administration Uladzimir Makei to responsibility for dissemination of false information and escalating the situation in the country, says Ramanchuk.