Swedish human rights defender Martin Uggla was denied the Belarusian visa

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Belarusian Embassy in Stockholm has once again denied visa to Martin Uggla, Chairperson  of the Swedish human rights organization Östgruppen

’Of course, they want to punish me for criticizing the human rights violations that are regularly allowed by the Belarusian authorities,’ believes Martin Uggla.

Belarus is one of the priorities in the activity of Östgruppen. The organization has good contacts with the Belarusian democratic movement and has been cooperating with the Belarusian human rights organizations for many years already.

It is already the fourth denial of visa for Martin Uggla, he visited Belarus for the last time in June 2006.

’The decision of the embassy clearly shows that all statements of the Belarusian authorities about liberalization and democratization are void. It also shows that the authorities fear a public criticism from the abroad,’ says Mr. Uggla. ‘However, I am not going to keep silent. One needs to report about human rights violations and condemn them without any compromises. Not doing it is a betrayal of the people who suffer from repressions in Belarus.’