Krupki: Artist Ales Pushkin sentenced to 13 days of jail

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On 8 December the Pushkins’ house in the town of Bobr (in the Krupki district of the Minsk region) was visited by their neighbor Yason Lazarevich, who was inebriated and tried to provoke a fight. The incident was witnessed by Pushkin’s wife, Yanina. Soon after the neighbor had gone away a police patrol arrived. The policemen stated they have received a complaint that Mr. Pushkin had beaten a man.

The artist was detained and guarded to the Krupki District Police Department, where he was kept overnight. In the morning he was taken to the Krupki District Court. He refused to go there on his own, that’s why, as said by his wife, he was most probably dragged there. The court sentenced him to 13 days of administrative arrest.

The head of the district police Mikhail Satsuk refused to comment to the European Radio for Belarus on the reasons for Pushkin’s detention.

Bear in mind that Ales Pushkin is well-known for his witty and original artistic performances against Lukashenka’s regime. He was also imprisoned on the eve of the previous presidential election, in March 2006.