Traffic police detained the Young Front leader Dzmitry Dashkevich and seized his car

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The young leader was detained in the centre of Minsk and taken to the police department of Pershamaiski district.

The car of the Young Front leader Dzmitry Dashkevich was stopped in Kuzma Chorny Street at 4.45 p.m. by traffic policemen. Notably, the oppositionist was followed up by a car with a siren horn. The politician was told that information had been received from some ‘old ladies’ that a driver without a driver’s license was driving in that district.

As Mr. Dashkevich told the website, the traffic policemen stated that Dashkevich’s name was absent in the database of drivers’ licenses, after which he was taken to the Pershamaiski District Police Department of Minsk. At the moment a report is being drawn up there, his driver’s license is seized from him.

’I have a driver’s license. I received it at the State Automobile Inspectorate. It is clear were those ‘old ladies’ work. It was obviously made on a tip-off by the KGB. We have reached an active stage of the election campaign. My today’s detention and the detention of Ales Pushkin demonstrate that the election campaign in Belarus gains the character which is well-known for our society,’ Dashkevich comments.

In an hour it was found out that Dashkevich’s license is on the database. However, the policemen stated that it could be forged. When observers of the OSCE/ODHR mission arrived at the police department, policemen had to admit that the license is valid. However, his car was confiscated, allegedly for a check-up as it could be allegedly stolen from someone. The oppositionist was said to come back to take the car in 10 days.

‘I told them that I will return on 20 December with governmental number plates, Pahonia coat of arms and a white-red-white flag!’ Dashkevich said.