Vitsebsk: two electoral meetings of Vital Rymasheuski get disrupted

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The agreement for the electoral meeting with workers of the TV and Radio Company Vitsebsk was received in advance. However, before its beginning the Deputy Chairperson of the company Vadzim Lapatsinski stated that it was a high security object, that’s why the candidate wouldn’t be let in and even passing the people his leaflets wouldn’t be allowed.

’They have started issuing pass cards to us, but Mr. Lapatsinski came and stated that all people were at work and therefore they couldn’t come out and meet with us. We also weren’t allowed to come to them, as it’s a ‘high security object’ and ‘unauthorized persons aren’t admitted there’,’ said Rymasheuski’s proxy Pavel Seviarynets. ’We had to hold the meeting outdoors – for drivers and technical personnel of the company, and occasional passers-by.’

In the afternoon Mr. Rymasheuski intended to visit the Pershamaiski District Executive Committee. However, the meeting was cancelled 30 minutes before its beginning.

Pavel Seviarynets said that the candidate was handed a written refusal at the entrance of the executive committee. Three days ago, when the application for the meeting was filed, the officials didn’t have any objections that the meeting would be held during the working hours. However, right before the meeting they presented the refusal, together with their apologies for the failure to inform him about it in advance.

Vital Rymasheuski and his team had nothing left to do but hand out the agitation leaflets at the entrance of the executive committee.

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