Slonim: war on agitation posters

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Slonim activists of the Belarusian Christian Democracy and the Belarusian Popular Front addressed the Slonim District Police Department and the Slonim District Election Commission in connection with the counteraction to posting the posters of their candidates in the places where it is officially allowed to do it according to Ruling #967 of the Slonim District Executive Committee of 22 November 2010.

In particular, on 7 December the director of the shopping center Prestige Halina Kazialetskaya tore down all posters of the BPF candidate Ryhor Kastusiou. A BPF activist Ivan Sheha said that she had also done it to his posters when he had run for the local council.

Director of drugstore #5 in Chyrvonaarmeiskaya Street tore down and threw away Kastisiou’s posters as well.

The head doctor of the children’s district polyclinic Liudmila Dziahel refused to hang out the agitation posters of Vital Rymasheuski saying she was banned to do it by the Deputy Head of the hospital Ihar Kalinichau to whom she was subordinated.

The director of the Slonim central library system Larysa Repinskaya said she would hang out the agitation posters of Vital Rymasheuski in the town libraries on her own. However, several days have passed, but the posters are still in her office.

The BCD activist Ivan Bedha also hanged out Rymasheuski posters at precinct #19. However, it was soon removed by members of the precinct election commission. As a result, Mr. Bedka filed complaints with the procuracy and the Slonim District Election Commission. Having found about it, the commission members quickly returned the poster to its place. However, no one knows how long it will stay there.

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