Buda-Kashaliova: democratic activists are threatened with beating

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Recently the democratic activists of Homel have established the youth coalition Studyja that launched the project of the electronic complaint book Don’t Keep Silence! Any person who witnesses a violation of the electoral legislation can tell about it at the website studyja.org.

The organizers of the campaign believe that in such a way they can present to the society a more objective picture of the electoral campaign, increase the activity of young activists and draw new people to public activism. The civil initiative also intends to continue its activities on a stable basis after the end of the electoral campaign.

However, after the campaign activists distributed about 2,000 leaflets with advertisement of studyja.org, the local dwellers informed them about the rumors that the activists could receive a harsh treatment from the local criminal circles including beating.

’We have no fear. Of course, we will strengthen the teams that are working in towns in order to be able to stand four ourselves if necessary,’ commented Mr. Kuzniatsou.

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