Ivanava: Sannikau’s electoral picket visited by armed policemen

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Pickets to spread agitation materials in support of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau were held in Ivanava and Drahichyn.

People were happy to take leaflets and have a discussion. According to Sannikau’s proxy Zinaida Mikhniuk, a participant of the picket, once in Ivanava she didn’t hand in a leaflet to an elderly woman, which made the latter upset. The woman said she wanted to have a leaflet because she was going to vote for that candidate.

Psychological pressure was applied by the authorities. A car with armed police officers drove to the picketers. The law enforcement officers called a district police officer to check the documents of the picketers and study the agitation materials. The police confirmed everything was held in accordance with the law and went away.