Salihorsk: state-owned press prepares the public opinion for falsifications

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Salihorsk district mass media actively voice the figures of the candidates’ ratings and voters’ turnout.

The source of this information is the data of Information and analytical center under the jurisdiction of the administration of Lukashenka. Figures of independent social services are quoted neither by the newspaper Shakhtyor, nor by the Salihorsk TV channel.

‘In fact, the regional mass media are speaking not about the forecasted percentage, but about that planned by current authorities. Indeed, independent surveys show totally different numbers. Salihorsk citizens are already being mentally prepared for falsification. The promised turnout is 90%. And president’s rating, that is reportedly to be constantly growing, amounts already to about 70% as per their data,’ said a Salihorsk activist Ryhor Astapenia.

It should be noted that state mass media also give comparative statistics for the 1994 elections and use propaganda techniques: ‘Belarus at that time was on the verge of collapse. Beggarly salaries, galloping inflation, downfall of many social institutions, collapse of the economy. Today it is already in the past .. . Today our country is confidently moving forward. And changes in our lives are obvious. We have much to be proud of. Therefore, everyone should think thoroughly before making his choice.’ There is no room for argument here however. But there’s really something to be thought over.

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