Distributor of Vitebskiy Kurier fined 700,000 rubles

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Siarhei Kandakou was detained on 31 October while throwing newspapers into postboxes in block 5 of house 28 in Tserashkou Street in Vitsebsk.

The local dweller Siarhei Anikevich called the police when he saw Mr. Kandakou throwing the newspapers. At the trial S.Anikevich alleged that children were often setting postboxes on fire, which was dangerous for the house.

Judge Alesia Zharykava found Siarhei Kandakou guilty of unlawful distribution of the newspaper and sentenced him to pay a fine of 700,000 rubles (about $233).

The local human rights defender Pavel Levinaum who attended the trial of S.Kandakou emphasizes that throwing Vitebskiy Kurier into postboxes is the only way to distribute the only private socio-political edition of Vitsebsk. The newspaper was deprived of the state registration, after which it was registered in the Russian Federation and is printed in the Russian town of Smolensk.