Head of CIS observation mission in Brest region praises authorities

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’Much has been done in Belarus for the future’, these words of the head of the branch of the CIS observation mission in the Brest region Bakhyt Dasanov were put in the title of an article of the district state-owned newspaper Drahichynski Vesnik.

The article is dedicated to the visit of the international observers to the Drahichyn district of the Brest region. Formally, the aim of the visit is to check whether the present stage of the electoral campaign corresponds to the present stage of the electoral campaign and the necessary conditions have been created for the short-term observers who will come to the country on the eve of the Election Day.

The publication draws the words of Mr. Dasanov (who, by the way, represents Kazakhstan at the CIS Council) – from which it follows the regional authorities are ready to facilitate the monitoring of the elections, observers don’t face with any obstacles in their activities have access to any documents they demand and haven’t ever received a negative answers.

It is not the first attempt of Bakhyt Dasanov to assure the society that the ‘electoral campaign in the Brest region is taking place in the conditions of openness and accessibility of information’ without waiting for the end of the stage of the canvassing and counting of the votes and says he is pleased with the loyal attitude of the local authorities to the oppositional candidates for president and

In the photo: The international CIS observer Bakhyt Dasanov (on the left), the Chairperson of the Brest Regional Election Commission Anatol Kisialiou (in the center) and the Chairperson of the Drahichyn District Election Commission Yauhen Parkhamchuk.

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