Salihorsk: ideological work of vertical intensified

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The ideological activities of the Salihorsk authorities have become far more intense during the last weeks.

For instance, the ideological department of the Salihorsk District Executive Committee held a series of the so-called ‘counsels on the ideological provision of the preparation and holding of the election of President’ with the officers of enterprises and organizations of the Salihorsk district who are responsible for ideology. The Salihorsk TV channel states that one of such events was held by lecturers of the Academy of Management of President of the Republic of Belarus, who ‘passed to ideologists the knowledge about their skills, discussing the peculiarities of the upcoming event’.

We should also point at the increasing number of meetings of the local officials with different groups of the population. For instance, on 29 November they held a parents’ meeting for about 700 people where the attention of the audience was turned to the ‘achievements in the sphere of education’. On 30 November the Chairperson of the Salihorsk District Executive Committee met with dwellers of a Salihorsk suburb and told them about the great perspectives of the development of Salihorsk and its housing. All meetings are inevitably accompanied with appraisal of the achievements of the present government for the last five years and talks about the ambitious plans for the next five ones.

These events are actively covered by the local state-owned media. They also tend to publish considerably more articles about the achievements of the people’s economy for the last five years. ‘Many things have been done, but there’s still much left to do’, is the main cliché of the latest weeks in the state media. At the same time, all negative events are commended from the ‘ideologically correct’ point of view.

That’s why representatives of the electoral teams of democratic candidates state the strong use of the administrative resources and hidden canvassing for Lukashenka in the Salihorsk district.

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