Ministry of Internal Affairs reminds candidates it is prohibited to campaign at Kastrychnitskaya Square

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has reminded that pre-electoral campaigning at Kastrychnitskaya Square is prohibited. The Deputy Minister Jauhen Paludzen has reminded in his interview to a narrow circle of journalists that those who violate the laws will be subjected to responsibility. State TV-channels broadcasted some fragments of this interview on November 22, BelaPAN reports.


The Deputy Minister has claimed that in case the candidates together with their supporters come to the square, the corresponding information will be directed to the Central Election Commission which will decide further. 

Campaigning for presidential candidates is prohibited at 4 Minsk squares: Kastrychnitskaya Square, Independence Square, Victory Square and Jakub Kolas Square. However, some opposition candidates have an intention to conduct a meeting with voters at the Kastrychnitskaya Square on November 24. This will be the 14th anniversary of the constitutional referendum on increasing of the President's authorizations.