Drugs planted to apartment of Young Front activist?

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Several days ago the house of the Young Front member Andrei Kuzminski was visited by representatives of the Polish police and two investigators from Minsk. They stated that a criminal case had been instigated on him on suspicion in drug trade. At present the Belarusian side demands Andrei’s extradition from Poland, where the activist asked for political asylum.

Mr. Kuzminski states that police planted more than 200 grams of heroin to the apartment of his parents, which were found during the search that was conducted on 24 October. Meanwhile, the activist has been living abroad for more than five months already.

Andrei left for Ukraine in June 2010. There he made a public statement about being recruited by KGB and called the surnames of the members of the Young Front who could be KGB informers. He moved to Poland at the end of August.