Police hinder distribution of Novy Chas

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The police blocked the minibus that transported the circulation of the fresh issue of Novy Chas.

As said by the chief editor of the newspaper Aliaksei Karol, the incident took place at the Minsk bus terminal Uskhodni, where a part of the circulation was put in the cloak-rooms from which they were taken by distributors. The minibus was watched by the police and people in plain clothes all the time.

The police checked the driver’s documents. Soon the minibus was blocked by a car of a road police and two ordinary cars. The police took the documents away and ordered the driver to drive to the Leninski District Police Department of Mink. The operation was directed by lieutenant-colonel Mikhail Hvai.

However, after the distributors of the newspaper arrived at the police department, M.Hvai was approached by a man in plain clothes who ordered him to let them go.

’Every step of distributors of free press is watched. It reminds about the words of Lukashenka, who has recently said the following: ‘You can write anything, we’ll discriminate in it after the election,’ commented Mr. Karol.