‘Fate of Mikalai Autukhovich depends on everyone’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 10 November in Minsk the film producer Volha Mikalaichyk presented her new documentary Travel across Endless War. The film is dedicated to the veteran of the War in Afghanistan, political prisoner and former entrepreneur Mikalai Autukhovich.

The presentation was attended by Uladzimir Asipenka who had been sentenced to a prison term on Autukhovich’s case. He had been released from jail a week ago. Uladzimir thanked all those who supported him and Mikalai. ‘We would have been sentenced to the prison terms that were required by the procuracy if you hadn’t supported us. I have no doubts about it. The authorities didn’t expect such massive support and started trembling. They ordered the Supreme Court to give us minimal sentences in order to justify the 16 months we had spent in the pre-trial prison. The authorities would have torn us to pieces without your support,’ commented Asipenka.

‘I said to investigator Kukharchyk: ‘You know that I am innocent. No matter how long I will have to spend in jail, I will try to bear and survive it all. Then I will come and look you in the eyes. That’s what I want to do – to look him in the eyes,’ said Uladzimir Asipenka.