Results of verification of signatures in Homel regiona

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 11 November the Homel Region Election Commission held a sitting to sum up the results of the verification of signatures in support of the potential candidates for President.

According to observer Anatol Paplauny who attended the sitting, in the Homel region signatures were collected by members of the electoral teams of ten candidates, but only Lukashenka’s team collected them in all 21 districts of the Homel region and in all four districts of Homel.

The results of the verification of the collected signatures by the commission are as follows:

Aliaksandr Lukashenka – 160,105 valid signatures and 248 – invalid (0.1%);
Ryhor Kastusiou – 4,032 valid, 1,292 – invalid (24.2%);
Ales Mikhalevich – 9,354 valid, 1,858 – invalid (16.5%);
Yaraslau Ramanchuk – 7,608 valid, 432 – invalid (5.3%);
Uladzimir Niakliayeu – 24,838 valid, 965 – invalid (3.7%);
Vital Rymasheuski – 10,162 valid, 1,139 – invalid (10.1%);
Mikalai Statkevich – 7,261 valid, 410 – invalid (5.3%);
Andrei Sannikau – 12,009 valid, 594 – invalid (4.7%);
Viktar Tsiareshchanka – 17,599 valid, 1,559 – invalid (8.1%);
Dzmitry Us – 2,679 valid, 695 – invalid (20.5%).

According to information of the Homel Region Election Commission, in one of the towns it was discovered that signatures in support of Tsiareshchanka were just Xerox copies of signatures in support of Rymasheuski, after which the signatures for Tsiareshchanka were annulled there. The Zhlobin District Election Commission also found invalid 17.8% of the 994 signatures in support of Ryhor Kastusiou that had been passed to it, as a result of which all 994 signatures were annulled. The same happened to signatures in support of Rymasheuski in Kalinkavichy and Rechytsa and signatures in support of Mikhalevich in Zhlobin and Lelchytsy.

The commission stated the most frequent reasons for which signatures were found invalid: the wrong information in the address line, signing for other people, and collection of signatures by people who weren’t members of campaign teams.

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