Authorities determine places for electoral meetings (information from regions)

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The Smarhon Town Executive Committee determined the places for canvassing, electoral meetings and pickets under the agreement of the Smarhon Town Election Commission.

According to the ruling, meetings with candidates for President can be held in secondary schools #6 and #7 and the Palace of Culture, and outdoor canvassing can be held in the amphitheater of the town park.

According to the local activist Uladz Shulzhytski, meetings with candidates could be also held in the halls of large enterprises, such as the Smarhon Aggregate Plant and the Smarhon Plant of Optical Machine-Tool Construction, because it would be quite convenient for the workers who could come there after their working hours. Canvassing pickets could be also held near the Yubileiny food store in the center of the town. However, these places aren’t mentioned in the ruling of the Smarhon TEC.


According to the appropriate ruling of the Svetlahorsk District Executive Committee, canvassing is permitted only at the site on the levee of river Berazina, on the outskirts of the town (pictured). Though this place is just 5 minutes walk from the town center, it is unfrequented. Moreover, the levee is being repaired and the building materials and vast heaps of sand are kept on the territory of the site. There is also a lavatory and some dustbins.

Moreover, the local authorities determined no places for canvassing in such large villages as Baraviki and Chyrkavichy. In the village of Parychy one can hold agitation in front of the Culture Palace, that is not popular with the public either.


The places that were determined for canvassing in Babruisk are even less convenient than those that had been determined for the collection of signatures. The busy market square and the ground in front of the Russian baths in Kastrychnitskaya Street weren’t included in the list of the places where canvassing events can be held.

Instead of it, in the Leninski district of Babruisk outdoor canvassing can be held only at the grounds adjacent to the football field of the children’s sportive school #5, and indoor meetings with candidates can be held in the hall of the Creative Center of Children and Youth in Chanharskaya Street, 79b and the hall of the Center of Culture and Recreation in Piashchany Alley, 22. All these places are unfrequented by the population.

The printed agitation materials of candidates can be placed only at the polling stations. One will need the agreement of the administration to post them to the informational stands of enterprises.

In the Pershamaiski district outdoor actions can be held only near the Marka shop in Uliianauskaya Street, 66, and indoor ones – in the hall of the Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology (Minskaya Street, 100) and the sportive hall of the Olympic Reserve College in Harelik Street, 33.

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