Barysau: people forced to meet with candidate Lukashenka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The potential candidate for President, President Lukashenka is coming for an electoral meeting in Barysau on 12 November. The meeting will take place outdoors, on the construction site of the new stadium. Students of the Barysau colleges and vocational schools are obliged to come there for fear of expulsion from the educational establishments.

The desperate father of one of them phoned to the human rights defender Aleh Matskevich, The reason is that his child is forced to come to the ‘electoral meeting’ without taking into account his oncological disability. ‘Does he need to stand and freeze outdoors for God knows how long?! Does he need such a meeting with President? Isn’t his health more valuable than that?’ says the father. The administration of the college ignored the medical certificates and the requests to free the boy from the meeting for medical reasons. He is still ordered to come to the construction site and told that he would be expelled from the college otherwise. After the talk with the human rights defender the father said he would come to the college and tell that in the case of repressions against his son he would write a letter to Lukashenka.

By the way, the participation of students of all colleges and vocational schools of Barysau in the tomorrow’s meeting with Lukashenka is obligatory. Hundreds of boys and girls will have to come thanks to the ‘moral rectitude’ and ‘political correctness’ of the administration.

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