Babruisk: strange manipulations with signatures in support of Uladzimir Niakliayeu

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Alena Miadzvedzeva, Babruisk coordinator of "Tell the Truth!"

Alena Miadzvedzeva, Babruisk coordinator of "Tell the Truth!"

The member of the electoral team of Uladzimir Niakliayeu Alena Miadzvedzeva paid a visit to the Pershamaiski District Election Commission to find about the number of the valid signatures in support of Mr. Niakliayeu.

’At first the Chairperson of the commission Viktar Harbaniou refused to give any numbers at all’, said Alena Miadzvedzeva. ‘He said that he could call them either to Uladzimir Niakliayeu or to the head of his electoral team. I explained that there was so notion as the ‘head of the electoral team’ and phoned to the Central Election Commission. In some time he received a telephone call from them and was asked why he hadn’t given us the numbers. He answered in my presence that ‘some women are sitting here, but they don’t ask anything’. I got indignant at such boldness and asked how they could hold fair elections if he was lying in my presence.’

After the telephone talk with officers of the Central Election Commission Viktar Harbaniou called the number of the registered signatures in support of Uladzimir Niakliayeu – 3,579. However, the electoral team had passed to the commission just 3,275 signatures, that’s why Alena Miadzvedzeva asked where the commission got the spare 304 signatures from.

’The Chairperson of the commission turned green after my question,’ comments Alena. ‘I wanted to phone to the CEC again, but he took a file out of his bookcase and said that these signatures had been passed by S.A.Smirnou. It was very interesting, as there was no person with such a surname in our electoral team, and all signatures in support of Mr. Niakliayeu were verified by me before passing to the election commission. I will try to find out who is this stranger. As a result, the Chairperson said that 100% of our signatures had been found valid and called another number – 3,432, which means that there are some ‘spare’ signatures anyway.’

Alena Miadzvedzeva expressed the opinion that the election commissions could be preparing falsifications in such a way in order to mix valid signatures with invalid. She also said that she didn’t have such problems at the Leninski District Election Commission, where she was told the number that matched the number of the signatures that had been passed to the commission.

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