Members of BPF Party filed inquiries with Hrodna Border Group

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The members of the Belarusian Popular Front Vadzim Saranchukou and Yauhen Skrabutan applied t the head of the Hrodna border group colonel I.Butkevich. They ask to explain why they had been detained and subject to personal examination (Mr. Skrabutan had been detained at the border crossing point Bruzgi (on the Polish border) on 5 November, and Mr. Saranchukou – at Pryvalka (the Lithuanian border).

The political activists consider such attention as politically motivated and believe that it is connected to their participation in the electoral campaign. They ask to provide them with the list of the state organs who had directed their personal data to the database of the border services and take measures to prevent further cases of groundless examinations on the border.

Bear in mind that the list of the public and political activists who are subject to personal examinations is getting larger all the time. Apart from Saranchukou and Skrabutan the border guards also detained Yury Istomin, Uladzimir Khilmanovich and Viktar Sazonau during the last 10 days.

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