Courts keep issuing predictable verdicts

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Biaroza: ‘There are no violations in the formation of precinct commissions by the Biaroza District Executive Committee’

The Biaroza District Court considered the lawsuit of the Brest regional organization of the Belarusian Popular Front against the non-inclusion of its representatives in precinct election commissions. The Chairperson of the court Vadzim Mazol told the details of the consideration of the case materials. As a result the present public managed to get some more information about the formation of PECs in the Biaroza district.

As it was found during the sitting, some other nominees hadn’t been included in the commissions as well. In particular, A.Viarokha, one of the two nominees of the Belarusian Union of Women to the commission, wasn’t included in PEC#2, (as well as the BPF nominee Tatsiana Tarasevich). What concerns other PECs where BPF representatives were nominated: 3 people weren’t included in PEC #3, 3 more – in PEC #4, 5 – in PEC #5, 4 – in PEC #10 and as many as 6 – at PEC #11 (all nominees but the BPF nominee Tamara Shchapiotkina (also nominated by collecting electors’ signatures) were nominated by different subdivisions of the Biaroza District Hospital). 4 people weren’t included in PEC #16, 3 – in PEC #17 and 3 – in PEC #29. However, Mr. Mazol didn’t tell whether there were as many nominees to the PECs where opposition representatives weren’t proposed.

The trial ended predictably enough: the claims of the Brest regional BPF organization were turned down. Judge V.Mazol included in the verdict large quotations from the Electoral Code, as a result of which the reading of the verdict took quite much time.

Brest: courts reject complaints of the regional organization of the United Civil Party

According to the head of the Brest regional UCP organization Mikalai Koush, the reason for filing the lawsuits was that the Maskouski and the Leninski district executive committees had included in PECs only 3 out of the 13 nominees of the party.

However, on 6 November the Maskouski and the Leninski district courts dismissed the claims. The UCP activists consider it as evidence of the preparation of another ‘elegant victory’ for the incumbent Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

Orsha: court declined the appeals against the formation of PECs

Representatives of the Belarusian Leftist Party Fair World didn’t manage to get the court abolish the decisions of the Orsha town and the Orsha district executive committees concerning the formation of the precinct election commissions.

As Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections have already informed, 5 representatives of the Fair World hadn’t been included in the PECs in Orsha and 4 more – in the Orsha district.

At the trials, the state officials didn’t deny haven’t discussed the candidacies for membership at the commissions at their sitting and argued that they had discussed them in advance. However, the court took the opinion that such ‘preliminary discussions’ don’t violate the electoral legislation and turned the claims down.

As it follows from the court verdict, the sittings on the formation of PECs are a mere formality, and it doesn’t even contradict to the law.

Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections