Masty district: representative of Belarusian Social Democratic Hramada tried to be elected PEC Chairperson… to no avail

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The first sitting of the Lunenski precinct election commission #19 in the Masty district was marked by an interesting incident: one of its members, the representative of the Belarusian Social Democratic Hramada Liavon Karpovich tried to become its head.

At the beginning of the sitting, the Chairperson of the local village council Nina Voran read Article 44 of the Electoral Code about the powers of precinct commissions and declared that the Masty District Executive Committee, the Masty Council and its Chairperson Valery Tabala proposed to elect Viktar Chernik, headmaster of the local secondary school, the commission Chairperson.

’I consider it an evident violation of Article 11, part 3 of the Electoral Code that clearly determines that ‘commissions are completely independent within the limits of their powers from the state organs and decisions of political parties and other public associations during the preparation and holding of elections’. The ‘recommendations’ that were voiced by Nina Voran make use of the administrative resources. Those who would have dared to vote against the proposed candidacy or even abstain from voting would have endangered his official position or social status. Thus, the first sitting of the Lunenski PEC #19 started with a violation of the Electoral Code,’ states Mr. Karpovich.

The BSDH representative proposed his candidacy for the PEC Chairperson. He explained his proposal by the fact that the administration of the commission had made many mistakes and violations during the previous election and said that it would be logical to change the administration in this case.

Predictably enough, 16 members of the commission voted for Viktar Chernik and only Liavon voted for himself. Independent observers consider it as evidence that the scenario of the electoral campaign is defined in advance by the executive authorities and election commission are subordinated to them.

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