Barysau: primary organization of Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry sues Barysau authorities

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This Saturday the newspaper of the Barysau District Executive Committee published the lists of members of all 112 precinct election commissions of Barysau. No oppositionists were included in the PECs, including the 9 representatives nominated by the trade union. That’s why TUREI decided to appeal the decision on the formation of the commissions at the Barysau District Court.

The precinct election commissions were formed at the sitting of Baruysau DEC on 3 November. As stated by the Chairperson of the Barysau town organization of the TUREI Mikalai Pakhabau (pictured), the authorities didn’t even consider the candidacies of their nominees and explained that a primary organization of a trade union had the right to delegate just one member to the commission whose territory includes the street where the legal address of the union is registered. However, according to the explanations that had been provided by the Central Election Commission on 15 September 2010, the primary unit can delegate an indefinite number of representatives to any PECs of the town.

That’s why on 6 October the Barysau primary unit of the TUREI applied to the Barysau District Court with a lawsuit against the decision on the formation of the precinct election commissions.
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