Mahiliou region: no changes in staff of precinct election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Independent journalist Barys Vyrvich

Independent journalist Barys Vyrvich

The district newspapers of the Bialynichy, Kruhliany and Shklou districts started publishing the lists of members of the precinct election commissions. The staff of the PECs changed little since the election to the local councils held on 25 April 2010.

Barys Vyrvich, an observer registered at the Bialynichy District Election Commission, gave the following commentary: ‘I am the editor of the small-circulation newspaper Rehiyon which is distributed on the territory of the Bialynichy, Kruhliany and Shklou districts, that’s why I have always tried to attentively watch the events that take place there. I compared the lists of members of the PECs from the local election with the lists for the present election and found little difference in the PECs of the abovementioned three districts. There are no changes in some of the PECs at all, whereas in some others replaced were just one or two people. Moreover, in the Bialynichy district these changes are insignificant even in comparison to the parliamentary election of 2008. In particular, in both the Savetski PEC #1 and the Kalininski PEC #3 13 out of 17 members have been working since the parliamentary election, and in the Vishouski PEC #6 and the Malakudzinski PEC #10 this number is 10 out of 13.’

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