Barysau: monitoring of 'working moments' is banned

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Human rights defender Aleh Matskevich

Human rights defender Aleh Matskevich

Observer Aleh Matskevich occasionally saw members of the Barysau Town Election Committee sitting in their room and listening to a speech of its secretary, Tatsiana Stasava. However, he wasn't admitted to this sitting, because the secretary called this assembly a 'working moment'.

Aleh Matskevich came to the commission to find about the details of the verification of signatures in support of the potential candidates for President of Belarus by the commission. However, the secretary stated that he had no right to stay in the office of the commission during the 'working moment'. When he asked what was the difference between a sitting and a 'working moment', he was told that minutes are usually composed during sittings, but wouldn't be composed now.

Meanwhile, Article 37 of the Electoral Code that regulates the organization of the work of the territorial, constituency and precinct election commission doesn't provide any legal forms of work of the commissions other than sittings.

That's why Mr. Matskevich submitted a written application to the territorial election commission, in which he asks to tell him what is the name of the forms of work of the commission that aren't registered in the minutes: stop the aforementioned practice of violating the norms of the electoral legislation and provide him with information about the procedure of the verification of the signature sheets, including the details of distribution of the signature sheets among the members of the commission and the number of sheets received by each of them.

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