Svetlahorsk: precinct election commissions haven’t changed much since local elections

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The independent observers who were present at the sittings of the executive committees on the formation of the PECs were surprised and indignant – how can 60 or 70 election commissions be formed for some 10 or 15 minutes, by voting for all lists of commissions at once without any discussion of the candidacies? The naïve observers were explained that the draft compositions of the commissions had been composed in advance by the specially established ‘working groups’.

However, the analysis of the PECs that were established in Svetlahorsk shows that the creation of the ‘working groups’ that prepared the ‘draft compositions’ was a waste of time and, probably, the state money. Such ‘drafts’ could be prepared even by a schoolchild who can print a page: as it was found, the staff of the commissions is almost identical to the staff that worked at the local elections that were held in spring 2010.

For instance, Praletarski PEC #1, located in the House of Powermen consists of 13 members, all of whom but one worked in it during the local election. Moreover, 8 members of the commission were nominated to it by the collectives of branches of the Svetlahorsk heat and power plant Homelenerha. Here we present to your attention a brief analysis of the staff of the 15 first PECs.

Internatsyianalny PEC #2 consists of 15 members, 11 of whom worked in it during the local election.

Kamsamolski PEC #3: during the local election this commission consisted of 15 members, but this time there are 19 – 15 old and 4 new ones.

Pershamaiski PEC #4 the number of the commission members increased from 13 to 15, as a result of which some new people were included in it.

Budaunichy PEC #5 – 11 out of 15 members of the commission worked in it during the local election.

Pushkinski PEC #6 – 10 out of 11 members remained there since the local election.

Kastrychnitski PEC#7 – 12 old members out of 13.

Yubileiny PEC #8 – 11 out of 13.

Kirauski PEC #9 13 out of 13.

Savetski PEC # 10 – 10 out of 13.

Paleski PEC #11 – the commission consisted of 13 people during the local election. This time the number of members was increased to 15, 10 of whom worked during the local election.

Maladziozhny PEC #12 – the number of the commission members was increased from 9 to 11, that’s why there are two novices.

Chyrvonaarmeiski PEC #13 – 8 out of 9.

Satsyialistychny PEC #14 – 11 out of 13.

Piyanerski PEC #15 – 16 out of 19.

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