Zhodzina Town Election Commission to hold additional verification of signatures for Statkevich, Kostuseu and Tsiareshchanka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 4 November the Zhodzina Town Election Commission held a sitting for the verification of the signatures that had been passed to it by the campaign teams of 9 pretenders for President of Belarus. The sitting was observed by Aliaksei Lapitski.

The Chairperson of the commissions Afanasenkau proposed the commission members to report about the work done, as a result of which it was discovered that it was necessary to hold additional verification of the signatures of Mikalai Statkevich, Ryhor Kostuseu and Viktar Tsiareshchanka. Additional 15% of signature sheets of these pretenders were chosen for verification and distributed between different members of the commissions for the check-up that must be finished before 7 November, when the next sitting of the executive committee will take place.

As a result of the initial verification of the signatures the commission members also discovered a small percent of invalid signatures in the signature sheets of all pretenders except for A.Lukashenka, A.Sannikau, Ya.Ramanchuk and V.Rymasheuski.

As it follows from the reports of the commission members, none of them tried to check-up the use of the administrative resources during the collection of signatures in support of Mr. Lukashenka.

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