Brest: signatures are verified by forensic experts, police and housing

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The 1st National Channel showed in the block of news dedicated to the Brest region a piece of news concerning the verification of the signature sheets of the potential candidates for president.

Members of the territorial election commissions of Brest said that they had received for verification signature sheets from the campaign teams of 11 candidates. According to the law, they will have to check-up 20% of these signatures. The verification of the signatures will be conducted with the participation of forensic experts. Members of the election commissions phone to the signers and officers of the housing offices and the local police check their home addresses.

According to members of the election commissions, the most widespread mistake is the absence of the date and signature of the collector of signatures at the signature sheets. One of the territorial election commissions also received an application for revoking a signature in support of a candidate.

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