Brest region: 1.1% nominees of political parties included in precinct commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The official website of the Brest Region Executive Committee contains information about the composition of the precinct election commissions (PECs) of the Brest region.

There are a total of 986 commissions consisting of 10,229 members. 621 of them are state officials (6.1% of the total number), 1,130 (11%) are less then 30 years old and 6,776 are women (66.2%).

The greatest number of members of the PECs was nominated to them by collecting of signatures of electors in support of the nomination – 4,457 people (43.6%). 1,959 people (19.2%) were nominated by collectives of institutions and enterprises and 3,813 (37.2%) by public associations.

Members of political parties constitute 1.1% of members of the commissions (110 people). 49 of them represent the pro-governmental Communist Party of Belarus, 30 – the Belarusian Popular Front, 22 – the Belarusian Leftist Party Fair World, 5 – the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada and 4 – the United Civil Party.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus is represented by 1,464 persons (14.3% of the total number of the total number of members of PECs), the Belarusian Republican Youth Union – by 643 (6.3%), Belaya Rus – 575 (5.6%), the Belarusian Union of Women – 498 (4.9%), the Belarusian Public Association of Veterans – 273 (2.7%) and other organizations – 250 (2.4%).

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