Homel: minimal number of opposition activists included in precinct commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

1,114 precinct election commissions (PECs) were established in the Homel region. The total number of their members exceeds 10,000.

The Homel regional organization of the United Civil Party nominated 121 representatives to the PECs, but just 14 (11%) of them were included, the Belarusian Leftist Party Fair World nominated 82 representatives, but just 17 (about 20%) were included in the commissions. The Belarusian Popular Front Party proposed 26 candidates, but just 1 was included. The pro-governmental Communist Party of Belarus nominated 111 persons, and more than a half of them – 66, became members of the commissions.

The Belarusian Union of Women nominated 348 people, 98 (or 28%) of whom were included in the commissions. The total number of women in the PECs exceeds 70%.

There are also more than 1,900 representatives of the Federation of Trade Unions, 458 members of Belaya Rus, 487 representatives of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM) and 363 representatives of veterans’ organizations in the PECs.

According to the official information, the share of state officials is just about 5%. However, as we have written many times already, state officials often disguise themselves as public activists and are nominated as members of the Federation of Trade Unions, the Belarusian Union of Women or Belaya Rus. In addition, the state officials have their own trade union – the trade union of workers of state enterprises.

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