Maladechna: composition of precinct commissions remains unknown and time for appealing is running out

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Belarusian Popular Front Party, the United Civil Party and the NGO BPF Adradzhenne nominated nine representatives to the precinct election commissions of Maladechna. Though representatives of these parties attended the sitting of the Maladechna District Executive Committee where the PECs were formed, they don’t know whether any of these nominees were included.

The candidacies for the precinct commissions weren’t discussed. Participants of the sitting asked only such questions as ‘How many males?’, ‘How many females and youth?’, ‘Are there sick people among them?’ and then voted for the lists of members of all commissions.

Representatives of the opposition asked to show them these lists. The officials promised to do it after the sitting, but didn’t keep their promise even the following day.

The human rights defender Aliaksei Khvostsik submitted a request to the Chairperson of the Maladechna DEC Damatsenka to be familiarized with the lists, but the latter wrote in the answer ‘You should specify the aim of receiving the lists’. The human rights defender wrote that the aim was the possible appeal against the results of formation of the PECs according to Article 34 of the Electoral Code, to which the official responded ‘The case must be solved in conformity with the law’.

His subordinates probably didn’t understand what it meant and promised to give an answer in three days, according to the usual practice of the DEC. Mr. Khvostsik explained them that this case should be regulated by the Electoral Code, not by the DEC practice, but the lists of members of the precinct commissions weren’t issued to him.

If he receives an answer from the executive committee in three days, he won’t manage to appeal against the results of the formation of the precinct commissions, as the legal term for it is three days since the adoption of the appropriate decision. That’s why the Maladechna human rights defenders have already prepared a lawsuit with the demand to abolish the decision of the executive committee concerning the formation of the precinct commissions and include in them the opposition’s nominees.

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