Hrodna district: precinct commissions defined by sterility

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

It took the Hrodna District Executive Committee just 7 minutes (!) to form 40 precinct election commissions in the Hrodno district. According to the ‘established tradition’, the lists of the commissions’ members weren’t read and the candidacies weren’t discussed. Among the persons who were included in the commissions there are 26 representatives of the ‘state NGO’ Belaya Rus, 24 representatives of the pro-governmental Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM), 37 representatives of the Belarusian Union of Women, 101 nominees of state trade unions, 4 representatives of collectives of institutions and enterprises and 280 persons nominated by collecting electors’ signatures. The sitting was attended by the observers Uladzimir Khilmanovich and Mikola Voran.

During the sitting it was found out that 14 nominees weren’t included in the commissions. Uladzimir Khilmanovich asked what criteria served as the reason for non-including these people in the commissions. The head of the organizational and personnel department of the executive committee Valery Balashou spent some time looking for the appropriate documents, but eventually gave an answer. As it turned out, quite many people were nominated to the Abukauskaya precinct commission #24. The matter is that the representative of the Belarusian Social Democratic Hramada Halina Dzerbysh was nominated to this commission earlier than all other people. However, the authorities were reluctant to include the oppositionist in the commission. The number of pretenders for work in the commission rapidly increased, as a result of which 5 people weren’t included in it, of course including Halina. Thus, only ‘reliable people’ will work in all 40 PECs of the Hrodna district.

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