Central Election Commission ‘lost’ signatures collected for Uladzimir Niakliayeu in Vitsebsk region

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

During a press conference the Central Election Commission stated that no signatures were collected in the Vitsebsk region for the nomination of Uladzimir Niakliayeu. The local activists refuted this by contacting the regional election commission. The Commission Chairman Viachaslau Krukovski confirmed that it had handed over 32,005 signatures. Nevertheless, the bug hasn’t been fixed at the CEC website.
The regional coordinator of Niakliayeu’s campaign team Lidziya Sahidulina noticed that after the working hours the .pdf file http://www.rec.gov.by/pdf/prb2010/sved9.pdf at the CEC website still contained a summary table of the number of received signatures, where the graph about the number of signatures received in support of Mr. Niakliayeu in the Vitsebsk region was left blank.

’Vitsebsk Regional Election Commission has calculated the signatures, there are 32,005 of them. I even have pictures of how the signature sheets are being verified by the local commissions. ‘It’s very good that, for instance, Yaraslau Bernikovich took photos in the town of Hlybokaye, to be on the safe side. Now it’s our main evidence. The Chairperson of the Regional Election Commission Viachaslau Krukouski asked to convey the apologies to the campaign team for this mistake, which had been pronounced on TV and radio air. However, the CEC doesn’t hurry to fix it!’

The largest number of signatures in support of Uladzimir Niakliayeu was collected in the Vitsebsk region, while in other regions, except for Minsk, this figure is less than 27.5 thousand.

The activists of Niakliayeu’s team don’t rule out that the commission ‘lost’ the signatures not to announce the information about the number of signatures that were collected for Mr. Niakliayeu in the Vitsebsk region. This can also explain why this figure is still missing at the CEC website.

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