Hrodna: human rights defenders lodge complaint to watch verification of signature sheets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Hrodna human rights defenders Viktar Sazonau and Uladzimir Khilmanovich filed appeals against the decisions of local territorial electoral commissions. Viktar Sazonau is registered as an observer at the Leninski District Election Commission of Hrodna, and Uladzimir Khilmanovich – at the Hrodna District Election Commission. Both submitted to the appropriate commissions written requests to be provided with the opportunity to attend the sittings where the signatures sheets will be verified, and both received refusals.

Human rights activists disagree with this interpretation of the electoral laws and are seeking a positive solution through complaints to the Hrodna Regional Election Commission and the CEC.

’The administration of the Hrodna territorial commissions arbitrarily explains the election laws and doesn’t allow registered observers to their sittings. It doesn’t ensure transparency of the electoral process. For example, the chairperson of the Hrodna District Election Commission, Sviatlana Dabryian says in her answer that work on the preparation for elections is regularly covered in the regional newspaper Perspektyva and at the regional radio. But even this isn’t true, as the newspaper prints only official material of the CEC and the number that comes out on Fridays generally does not enter the stalls. And I wonder what these commissions, which increasingly resemble some closed lodges, see the law and the meaning of the work of independent observers, if they don’t admit them to the most important meeting?’ commented Uladzimir Khilmanovich.

Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections