Formation of election precincts in Orsha

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Orsha Town Executive Committee established the election precincts in the towns of Orsha and Balbasava by its ruling #1456 of 11 October 2010.

A total of 62 precincts were formed in Orsha, one precinct more than during the previous election. The new precinct was established on the territory of the state enterprise Orshavodakanal in Mahiliouskaya Street, 85, which is connected to the construction of new houses in this part of the town. Another precinct was moved from the Culture House of the open stock company Lehmash to its dormitory that is located nearby. The addresses of all other precincts remain the same. 6 of them are closed – 4 hospitals, a maternity home and a nursing home.

The boundaries of a number of precincts were changed in comparison to the previous election. At present many of the precincts are situated at a considerable distance from the houses of the electors. In particular, dwellers of the house in Mir Street, 33 will have to vote at precinct #1 which is about one kilometer away, though precincts #17, 18 and 19 are less than 200 meters away from the house.

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