Minsk: state-owned press keeps silent about presidential election

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

During the recent weeks the state-owned newspapers of the Minsk region – Minski Kuryer, Viacherni Minsk and Prystalichcha haven’t told the readers even the surnames of the potential candidates for the presidential position. Only those who read the articles in the Officially column can conclude that an electoral campaign is held in the country because the authorities create election commissions.

At the same time, some newspapers have started publishing articles about pro-governmental organizations that actively engage in the electoral measures and collection of signatures for Mr. Lukashenka. In particular, Viacherni Minsk published many articles with a positive description of the activities of Belaya Rus, the Belarusian Union of Women and Red Cross.

An indirect support to the present head of the state is given most actively by the national mass media, especially electronic ones. All of them distributed information about the establishment of the public receptions of the ‘state NGO’ Belaya Rus for collecting signatures in support of Lukashenka. The state TV channel ONT also emphasized that such reception rooms could also help the visitors in solving their social and domestic problems, i.e. the authorities can help you if you support them.

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