New violations of Lukashenka's electoral team

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A medic of polyclinic #6 collected signatures in dormitory #90 of Babruiskahramash in Uliianauskaya Street. 'She came to the rooms, reminded us that we needed to undergo a medical examination and also proposed to sign for Lukashenka', said a dweller of the dormitory. 'Of course, the people perceived it as a peculiar duty, and most of them put their signatures for him'.

His neighbor, a young mother living in the same dormitory, added: 'Yes, she came to us, but she didn't tell us for whom we signed and didn't show us a portrait. They just told us to put our signatures, which we did...'


On 7 October Mikalai Kucharenka, an observer registered at the Shklou District Election Commission, applied the commission with a protest against unlawful actions of the electoral team of the present head of the state, Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

Here’s an excerpt from his complaint:
’Being guided by the existing legislation, I ask you to stop the gross violations that are committed by members of the electoral team of the present President of the Republic of Belarus, Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

The violations that are admitted by them in the course of their work make it impossible to consider as legal the lists with electors’ signatures that are filled by them.

In particular, on 5 October the workers of Belarusbank and corrective colony #17 were made to sign in support of Lukashenka during the working time, under the threat of dismissal from work.

On 7 October, the representatives of the district educational department Hrybanau and Huryn organized an electoral picket in an officially prohibited place – 10 meters away from a musical school. They paid no reaction to my demand to change the place of the picket.’


Patients of the Maladechna district hospital were asked to sign for Aliaksandr Lukashenka. A person has to present the passport while signing in in a hospital, that’s why it is very convenient to collect signatures: the patients bring their documents and will hardly refuse to fulfill the request of the medical worker on whom their health may depend.

’A woman in a white gown entered our ward and asked to sign for Lukashenka. She had no badge and showed no documents. No one knows whether it was a medic or a member of Lukashenka’s electoral team. Hear appearance gave the patients a reason for expressing their dissatisfaction. They said that Lukashenka should supply them with the necessary medicines first, as the hospital lacked even Novocain and antibiotics during the last week. The patients didn’t show a great will to sign for Mr. Lukashenka. Workers of the hospital were also proposed to sign in his support during the working day.

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