Siarhei Ryzhou states about pressurization of members of his electoral team

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Siarhei Ryzhou

Siarhei Ryzhou

The potential candidate for president Siarhei Ryzhou who lives in Vitsebsk and works as the head of the sector of external economic relations of the Vitsebsk fruit and vegetable combine Nouka states that two students were ordered to resign from his electoral team.

The activists who study at Vitsebsk Medical Institute and Vitsebsk Technological University were summoned to the deans’ offices and forced to write statements that they resigned from the electoral team and wouldn’t collect signatures for Mr. Ryzhou.

Moreover, Siarhei Ryzhou states that the head of the Voranava Village Council Voranau pressurized the Roma family that lived on the territory of the village because one of the members of the family was a member of his electoral team. The family moved away after a visit of the head of the council. Mr. Ryzhou believes that he intimidated them. Now the potential candidate has no information about their location.

Siarhei Ryzhou has already passed the information about these facts to the Central Election Commission.

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