Leanid Haravy complains to procuracy about violation of his electoral rights

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Leanid Haravy

Leanid Haravy

The member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada and member of the council of the For Freedom movement Leanid Haravy wasn’t included in the Haradok District Election Commission. He thinks that it is a result of the negative characteristic of his person by the deputy chairperson of the Haradok District Executive Committee. Mr. Haravy decided to apply to the procuracy after the Haradok DEC ignored his complaint.

He asks the procuracy to punish the Chairperson of the Haradok DEC V.Murankou for haven’t answered his complaint within three-day term, as it is provided by the electoral legislation.

In his complaint to the district prosecutor Leanid Haravy also wrote that by giving him an insulting characteristic N.Burunova exercised pressure on those who formed the commission, by which she violated his electoral rights.

L.Haravy also states that he earned the reputation of a rowdy during the local election 2010, at which he demanded that the election commissions should implement the electoral legislation. The Central Election Commission thrice agreed with his argument and declared unlawful some decisions of district election commissions of the Vitsebsk region and the Vitsebsk Regional Election Commission.


Mr. Haravy regards as another violation of the electoral legislation the fact that the people who were included in the election commission this time had worked in it during the previous election. According to the electoral legislation, election commissions must consist of competent citizens with sufficient knowledge of the electoral laws. However, the Central Election Commission had already found faults in the work of the Haradok District Election Commission during the local election, which witnesses the incompetence of those who worked in the latter one.

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